After a turbulent couple of years in the retail industry, many retailers and brands are optimistic about the year ahead, particularly as peak season approaches. This is a time when systems and solutions are put to the test as retailers and brands experience the busiest weeks of trading, exposing the gaps in their assets and discovering what areas in their offerings need improving.


The post-peak webinar week aims to create a collaborative space for solution providers to close those gaps and provide retailers and brands with the market knowledge, expertise and innovations to uncover the solutions to their challenges.





Consisting of eight webinars from 29 January - 2 February, we have put together an agenda to give an idea of the topics and discussions that we envision happening, however, every sponsor will be able to propose new or modified topics that better reflect their expertise.




   AM PM




   Leveraging marketing automation for a market-leading, omni-channel customer experience




Cutting card abandonment: Increasing conversion by offering customers choice  

Winning with returns: Turning returns from a cost centre to a profit centre




Personlisation at scale

  Using feedback to improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty




Customer demands vs reality in delivery

The importance of digital experience in driving sales



  Using AI to predict customer behaviour to drive revenue and retention  













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