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It’s no wonder many retailers are wondering when they’ll catch a break. Navigating a pandemic, global economic crisis, inflation, and a potential recession—at this point, a crystal ball might seem like the best way to see ahead.


But the future, and retailers’ best next steps, don’t have to feel foggy. We went to the source and asked 2,000 consumers what they wanted from their retail experience—and uncovered key findings about their purchase habits, expectations, priorities, and more. 


Join Cida Arcanjo Jeangros, Customer Success Manager at SurveyMonkey, on 12 December 2023, as she discusses what consumers want from retailers and what will drive their purchase decisions in 2024. Join us to uncover three findings on consumer shopping preferences and what retailers can do to deliver an experience that will drive sales and loyalty.


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  • Which consumer demographics care the most about perks like flexible returns, express shipping, and exclusive discounts 
  • What drives consumers to agree to subscription sign ups—and what turns them off  
  • How many days consumers are willing to wait for a product to arrive before they look for another option


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