ExCeL London Hall N5 | 2 - 3 October 2024 | #IRX24

Customers’ expectations are higher than ever: they expect an immediate and highly-personalised service – regardless of channel; they want their questions answered immediately; they need their purchases delivered at a time and place that’s convenient to them.


A visit to DCX will give you the tools, inspiration, case-studies and suppliers to enable to you to stay ahead of competition, win new customers, retain current customers and ensure your operations are efficient and responsive.


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Come to DCX to... 
Cut through the noise
Cut through the noise

It’s challenging times at the moment. There’s a decline in customer loyalty and everyone is having to find new and innovative ways to appeal to buyers – both existing and new.


That's why DCX is so essential. It gives you an ideal opportunity to network and learn from people facing similar challenges to you.


It’s why the DCX agenda includes four conference tracks two workshops and 40+ sessions designed to help you hear from other leaders who are facing the same challenges and overcome 

Meet like minded people
Meet like-minded people

Let’s face it, scrolling through LinkedIn posts, listening to webinars and searching the net just isn’t the same as swapping business cards, talking to people face-to-face, getting coffee, a beer and making game-changing connections in person.


At DCX you’ll be surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals all looking to expand their network and learn from others so they can grow their businesses.


It’s why similar obstacles and are thriving despite the uncertain economy. We give you a wide-range of networking opportunities so you can find these people, and start to build meaningful relationships for the future, in one place, at one time.


Find new partners
Find new partners

As more and more enterprise businesses move away from legacy infrastructure to become more agile and composable, partnerships are becoming ever more important.


They allow businesses to leverage the strengths of different companies to create a best-in-class solution, expand their offering and provide more value to the customer.


DCX gives you the opportunity to discover new partners as well as meet with current partners, in one place at one time.

Speed up decision making
Speed up your businesses’ decision-making process

Bringing new technology and solutions into businesses of all sizes takes time, as the decision-making process can be complex and involve many stakeholders from IT, finance and operations.


DCX is a unique event as it's relevant to both those in commercial roles as well as technical roles.


From those that make the final decision: the heads of technology, eCommerce, product, marketing, operations, development, finance; to those who implement the new tech: the engineers, architects, developers; to those that use the tech: UX managers, content, project, payments and many more! 



What's on?

Join us for a full conference programme that covers burning topics such as AI, CX, customer messaging, digitising the supply chain and more. Our programme features thought leaders and rising stars in digital commerce.



Participate in a series of workshops offering quick wins, practical advice and success stories to implement into your day-to-day operations.


Discover more

Discuss the key challenges you face with like-minded peers in the exclusive roundtables.


Discover more

Explore the exhibition hall and meet with technology experts who specialize in platforms, payments, CX/UX, marketing, data and more.



Take the opportunity to visit DCX and meet with technology experts who specialise in platforms, payments, CX/UX, marketing, data and more.





Key themes from 2023

Architectures for modern commerce 2

Architectures for modern commerce

Showcasing cutting-edge strategies and technologies shaping the future of digital transactions.

Customer contact and messaging

Customer contact and messaging

Insights on leveraging technology and personalised interactions to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Customer experience


Create memorable interactions, foster loyalty, and drive business success in today's hyper-connected and customer-centric marketplace.

Digitising the supply chain

Digitising the
supply chain

Unveiling the way leading businesses streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive unprecedented growth in the modern era of logistics and distribution.

Future of payments

Future of

See the changing nature of how we transact, empowering you to navigate the evolving payment ecosystem and stay ahead in this era of digital commerce.



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