ExCeL London Hall N5 | 4 - 5 October 2023 | #IRX23

The exclusive roundtables are invite-only for decision-makers and budget holders. These hour-long sessions will enable delegates to delve into specific issues affecting their businesses today. It's a fantastic opportunity to hear from other leaders facing similar challenges and share proven tactics and strategies.


Please note: this is strictly for delegates who sell products or services online only. Unfortunately we will not be able to include delegates that work for a supplier/vendor business.


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Thursday 5 October 2023 | 14:30-15:30
Converting shoppers into buyers and buyers into loyal fans
Leveraging your biggest asset through Retail Media Networks (RMN)

Today, the rapid growth of RMNs is fuelled by a retailer’s desire to monetise their first-party data to unlock new revenue streams. 


The success of an RMN will be measured by its ability to deliver a holistic consumer experience rather than simply placing an ad in front of them at a point in time. More specifically, it’s about creating measurable connections that matter for consumers.


In this roundtable we will delve into the 3 keys areas of driving a successful RMN – connection, matter & measurement to give delegates some important and actionable take aways, whilst sharing their experiences and learning from one-another on how to adapt to future consumers needs and expectations.


To be lead by Huma Khan, Commercial Director at Catalina UK and Prem Patel, VP, Managing Director.


Huma Khan brings over 25 year’s industry experience across RMN's and CPG's, having previously worked in commercial leadership roles at Sainsbury’s Nectar 360, Danone, and Birds Eye, Huma is also a qualified Organisational Psychologist specialising in buyer/seller psychology


Prem Patel is an influential figure in the realm of customer loyalty, renowned for his expertise in driving personalised in-store and digital shopper activation. With an impressive 30-year career where he has worked for some of the world’s leading and influential brands – Sainsbury’s, American Express, Visa and Catalina.


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