NEC Birmingham | 22 - 23 May 2024 | #IRX24

The conference at IRX & eDX is more than just a gathering; it's a dynamic and interactive experience designed to empower and inspire. 


Hosting multiple dedicated theatres, each focused on a specific area of expertise, this event offers an unrivalled opportunity for those working in the industry, to delve deep into the latest trends and insights that are shaping the retail landscape.


At IRX & eDX 2024 we have the pleasure of hearing insights and learnings from some incredible professionals from all across the eCommerce industry.  



Conference themes

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The Future of Commerce 

Exploring the emerging trends, technologies, and strategies that will shape the future of commerce, this conference will allow you to foster innovation, share knowledge, and help businesses adapt to the changing landscape of commerce.


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Digital Marketing

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Delving into the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, this theme will empower you with insight into the latest trends of digital marketing channels; from content marketing, social media marketing and SEO, to paid advertising and email marketing.


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From the significance of efficient and reliable delivery services in meeting customer expectations and fostering brand loyalty, to logistics and supply chain management, this conference theme will evaluate the pivotal role eDelivery has on offering a seamless shopping experience, especially in the context of fast-paced, customer-centric markets.  


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Martech Innovation

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Discussing the latest trends, innovations, challenges, and best practices within the realm of marketing technology, this conference will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and inspiration needed to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape and leverage it effectively in your marketing endeavors.


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Customer Experience

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Customer experiences have a profound impact on business success. This conference theme, led by the customer experience experts, emphasises the significance of meeting and understanding customer expectations, fostering trust and creating meaningful interactions at every touchpoint. 


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Cross Border

Discussing the complexities of navigating diverse regulations, cultures and markets, this theme will highlight the intricacies and rewards of cross border trade, underscoring the importance of planning and adaptability in achieveing success on a global scale.  


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Focusing on the unique dynamics, challenges and opportunities within the B2B marketplace, you will gain invaluable insight into crafting effective B2B strategies to foster growth and competition in the ever-evolving world of B2B commerce.


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Become a speaker 

If you are a retailer or brand, looking to discuss and showcase the exceptional learnings and successes you have experienced in the past year, we have ample speaking opportunities at IRX & eDX. Get in touch to find out more.GET IN TOUCH