"Once upon a time, the January sales felt like an extension of the holiday season. Whether you joined in the scrum or sat at home and marvelled at the news footage, it was an event. Today, though, those red-hot sales have become a little tepid. With summer sales, Black Friday, Green Friday and the prevalence of discount codes, it feels like many brands spend more time in sales than out.

For a long time, discounting has been used as a way to drive top-line growth; incentivising consumers to snap up bargains and spike sales. But this has trained consumers to only buy on discount. “It's created a feedback loop where the consumer only buys when they feel like they're getting a bargain, while retailers have had to show continued revenue growth,” says Drew Smith, CEO and co-founder of software business Upp, who works with retailers such as
Charles Tyrwhitt and OnBuy to put profitability back into their businesses."
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