Home to about 9.78% of the worlds population, Europe has been one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world. More specifically for cross-border e-commerce, 2021 saw great numbers in Europe; the region's market was valued at €12,710M last year, with Germany representing approximately 28.5% of the total market share. A Eurostat survey also found that 32% of the region's shoppers purchased goods from other EU nations online in the past year. 


With this in mind, our media partner, Parcel Monitor, took a closer look at how Europe's cross-border logistics has evolved over the past year. Who were the top 3 countries of origin for all international parcels coming to Europe? How does the growth of domestic parcels compare to that of international ones?


Other highlights of the study include:

  • Most European countries saw a rise in imported parcels in Q1 2022.

  • As opposed to most of Europe, France and the United Kingdom witnessed a higher growth in domestic shipments than their international ones.

  • The majority of parcels entering Europe can be traced back to Canada, China, and the United States.

Check out the full article by Parcel Monitor here!