The carrier management company, GFS, has announced a collaboration with global addressing company what3words. GFS clients can now offer their customers delivery to exact what3words addresses via what3words-enabled logistics providers.

Established more than 20 years ago, UK-based GFS is the first and largest provider of managed multi-carrier eCommerce delivery and returns services enabled by its proprietary Enterprise Carrier Management platform. The collaboration with what3words means GFS clients can collect what3words addresses from customers and share them with delivery carriers across the world. With precise what3words addresses, businesses can deliver more efficiently and further minimise the risk of lost packages.

what3words is revolutionising the way the world talks about location. It has divided the globe into a grid of 3 metre squares, and given each square a unique combination of 3 random words: a what3words address. For example, you'll find a panoramic view of London at ///bands.villa.swung on Primrose Hill. The technology allows people to find, share and navigate to precise locations, anywhere in the world. It is available offline and in 51 languages.The global e-commerce landscape is growing rapidly, but companies around the world all face a challenge when it comes to delivery: imprecise addressing. Globally, 70% of addresses will not take people to the front door, with 74% of people saying guests, services and deliveries struggle to find them. Exact locations can be hard to communicate and find, particularly in remote locations or for buildings with multiple access points.

With what3words, every front door, collection point and delivery entrance has its own what3words address. People can find a what3words address in the app (available for iOS and Android) or online at and enter it in a dedicated box at checkout. what3words addresses are then passed through GFS to its partners, helping couriers to pick up and drop off packages accurately and efficiently. This will save time for both customers and couriers and ensure drivers can optimise the delivery process with accurate, easy-to-find addresses.

Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director, GFS said:

‘Our collaboration with what3words extends our range of services even further and means we can offer our customers even more ways to save time, cost and effort on final mile delivery and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.'

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words added:

‘GFS' focus on customer satisfaction and high quality deliveries enable it to operate efficiently on a global scale. Adding what3words will transform the delivery process for couriers and retailers, and improve the experience for customers all over the world.'

Around the world, what3words is being used by logistics companies and at e-commerce checkouts to deliver goods exactly where they're needed, and companies such as Premier Inn and Lonely Planet use what3words to help travellers find the right hotel entrance or hard-to-find restaurant. The technology has also been built into in-car sat navs by the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi, enabling drivers to enter any destination with just 3 words. Emergency call centres are also embracing what3words at a rapid pace, with control rooms in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Singapore, Canada, India, and South Africa all utilising the innovative technology. And every day, people are using what3words to meet up with friends at parks and on beaches and to share running, hiking, and sports match locations with their teams.

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