The logistics and supply chain space is constantly evolving, with businesses facing new challenges every year. In 2022, for instance, many of the top industry challenges were associated with disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the geographical instability and uncertainty arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Moreover, inventory management is becoming increasingly complex as businesses strive to achieve the perfect balance between too much and too little stock. The rise of e-commerce means that businesses must now contend with a global customer base, and fulfillment and delivery can be complex and time-consuming. The impact of automation on the workforce is still being determined, but it is likely that many jobs currently done by human employees will be taken over by robots or machines in the coming years.

With all this in mind, our media partner Parcel Monitor has taken a closer look at some of the most significant challenges impacting global supply chains today. The article also highlighted some key measures that leading businesses are adopting to help improve supply chain resilience and adaptability amidst the ongoing chaos around the world.

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