Axerve, the leading payment hub in Italy, now expanding to the UK, Spain and France, has recently published a whitepaper “Payment Orchestration: unlocking cost-effective Ecommerce for merchants in a multiple payment provider ecosystem”.

By now you might have heard of payment orchestration. Payment orchestration is among the most important and potentially revolutionary payment innovations for merchants and their customers, not only in the UK but all around the globe that increases conversion rate and reduces card decline rate. We can already observe the impact it has on Ecommerce, and how with Ecommerce market growth, increases the need for orchestrating payments in a multiple payment provider ecosystem. In their whitepaper Axerve deep dived into the payment orchestration concept, why and how it was born, how it works, what smart routing is, and what payment orchestration platform's benefits are for merchants and customers.

Click here to download Axerve's whitepaper.