Founded in 2011, OBI4wan is the Benelux market leader in enabling marketers and customer service professionals to provide a consistent, responsive customer experience across multiple channels, including chatbots, messaging apps, and social media. All of the digital channels where consumers are increasingly expecting brands, governments and service providers to be present and engage with them.

In addition, OBI4wan's investment in scheduling, media monitoring, data analysis, and artificial intelligence technologies has helped almost 1.500 organisations to do this efficiently and gain essential insights into the impact of these activities on their brand reputation.

As organisations of all sizes recognise the connection between customer experience and commercial growth, this acquisition further enhances the aim of Spotler Group to give ambitious marketers and customer experience professionals the right tools to engage customers and grow their business. Especially for those organisations looking to take a holistic omnichannel approach throughout the customer lifecycle, from awareness to post-purchase and to understand their reputation in their market.


Lee Chadwick, Spotler Group CEO“I'm delighted to welcome OBI4wan to the group in an acquisition that accelerates our commercial growth and brings technology and talent to our data-driven, AI-powered, omnichannel product strategy.” 


Alexander de Ruiter, Co-founder, and CEO at OBI4wan: “Becoming part of the Spotler Group provides tremendous value for our customers and will enable OBI4wan to take next step in realising our mission of providing “Effortless Engagement solution to our customer base”


About Spotler Group

Founded in 2016 on the principles of connecting companies with their customers through innovative digital marketing and communications technologies, the fast-growing Spotler Group has invested in building and developing a portfolio of leading technologies and expertise. Serving over 3000 organisations across eight countries, the Spotler Group is considered a significant European marketing technology provider.

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