Combining these two complementary technologies, the Spotler Group positions Squeezely strongly in the emerging Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) category, enabling retailers to leverage insight into customer behaviour, preferences and buying patterns to personalise the end-to-end shopping experience and improve customer engagement, conversion rates and revenue.


“This is a significant moment for our clients and our team,” Tim Hoefnagel, co-Founder and Managing Director of Squeezely commented. “Incorporating the Sooqr technology and expertise considerably accelerates our development toward our vision for personalised commerce”.  


Founded in 2015, with the mission to enable online retailers to offer the right product in the right place at the right time, Sooqr now has 1100+ customers worldwide, including, HSN, Intersport Twinsport, it has established itself as the leading platform for e-commerce conversion optimisation in the Netherlands.


“We are excited to join the Spotler Group” said Albert Mombarg, CEO of Sooqr, “and for the opportunities, it will offer our customers in terms of product investment, access to a suite of complementary technologies and expertise across the group.”


Over the last two years, the Spotler Group has demonstrated an increasing commitment to e-commerce, with strategic investments to support online retailers with basket abandonment, website personalisation, analytics, personalised journeys, and loyalty programmes. The acquisition of the Sooqr technology is viewed as filling the missing piece in the puzzle. 


“Keeping audiences interested and engaged with data-driven, real-time personalisation is at the very heart of our strategy. The acquisition of Sooqr expands our capabilities to include search, analytics, and merchandising.”, commented Lee Chadwick, CEO, Spotler Group, “Enabling us to offer a modular solution that fits the need for our eCommerce clients to offer engaging consumer experiences”.