The first payment option is the cashless payment service PayPay, for online payments. The second is the subscription-based payment service via mobile providers. The mentioned payment options are in addition to the wider pre-existing payment capabilities that W2Solution's partnership with SBPS has delivered. The goal of the additional payment options is to further benefit consumers, whether that be to entice new consumers or to increase their average order value.

PayPay enjoys 41 million registered users. The integration of PayPay increases the potential customer base of W2Solution's clients by offering increased ease of payment to these registered users.

The subscription-based payment via mobile provider allows consumers to consolidate their eCommerce purchases by adding payments to their monthly mobile provider fee.

Benefits of SBPS

  1. It is a one-stop payment solution covering contracting, payments, systems, and offers operational support for a large variety of payment methods.
  2. SBPS is equipped with AI fraud detection, allowing eCommerce businesses to provide secure payment functionality.
  3. The system is robust, tolerating large-scale transactions accounting for 4 trillion yen annually.